Retail partner plans to double its number of Apple outlets in the Far East

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Apple component supplier and retail partner Foxlink reportedly plans to double its number of stores in Asia that exclusively sell Apple products.

Foxlink plans to build new stores in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, according to DigiTimes. The plans would double the number of Apple-exclusive Foxlink stores in the Far East from 50 to 100.

Separately, Foxconn and its retail chain brand Cybermart plans to open a new, broader electronics store in Changchun, China. That store is expected to have a 200-square-meter section devoted to Apple products as well.

Retail in the Far East, particularly China, has become a very important component of Apple's business. Earlier this year, Apple executives revealed that the company's own proprietary stores in China were now its most visited in the entire world, and also earn the highest revenue.

Apple has bet heavily on China, and earlier this year plans for the company's fifth store in the nation were revealed, marking its third in Shanghai. It has two other stores in Beijing as well.

Apple initially planned to push quickly and built 25 total stores in China, the company revealed in 2010. But Ron Johnson, Apple's senior vice president of retail, said this year that openings may occur slower as the company revises its plans and concentrates on building bigger stores.

Foxlink's retail plans for 50 new Apple-only stores may prove to serve to fill a void, as Apple concentrates instead on building flagship stores, like the giant glass cylinder entrance for its latest Shanghai location.