Apple's iPad commands 1% of all web traffic after just one year

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A new report indicates the iPad now holds a 1 percent share of global web browsing, more than 50 times greater than its closest competitor.

Recent statistics from analytics firm Net Applications' NetMarketShare report show the iPad has continued to grow worldwide since its launch in early 2010. The tablet recently broke the 1 percent mark in worldwide browsing and accounts for 2 percent of browsing in the U.S.

The report showed the iPad to have “53 times the usage share of its nearest competitor,” the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab throughout May. Apple's tablet also dwarfed the third-placed Motorola Xoom tablet's share of global web browsing with a share 76 times greater. In addition when compared to the Research in Motion's Blackberry PlayBook, the iPad has roughly 306 times the usage.

In the U.S. mobile browser market, the iPad takes a solid 25.5 percent, only trailing Android (31.6 percent) and the iPhone (35.2 percent). However, when iPhone and iPad data are combined, they take over 60.7 percent of U.S. mobile browsing, a figure almost double that of Android. Blackberry came in at 6.9 percent, while Symbian, Windows Mobile and webOS are left far behind, accounting for less than 0.5 percent.

Net Applications compiles its figures from an "exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers" with more than 160 million visitors per month. The firm also classifies and reports on more than 430 referral sources identified as search engines.

Source: The Register/Net Applications

The iPad is expected to continue to pick up steam this fall with the release of iOS 5. The addition of tabbed browsing in Mobile Safari will bring the iPad's browsing experience closer in line to the Mac and could further boost the device's growth as a mobile browsing platform.

iPad share of web browsing
Source: The Register/Net Applications

Last month, research firm comScore reported that the iPad comprised 89 percent of global tablet traffic. A May survey from Nielsen found Apple's touchscreen tablet held 82 percent of the tablet market in the U.S.

Today also marks 14 months since the iPad first launched in America, further highlighting the success of Apple's venture into the tablet space. Apple announced last month that total sales of the device had topped the 25 million milestone.