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Apple rumored to unveil 3G-capable iPod touch this month

Apple as soon as this month could introduce a new iPod touch model with an integrated 3G radio for connectivity on the go, according to a new rumor.

Citing an anonymous source, AppleNApps reported on Wednesday that Apple's new iPod touch will be like a "mini-iPad" carrying the same integrated access to high-speed 3G data networks as Apple's touchscreen tablet. The report said that Apple and its carrier partners have allegedly worked out non-contract plans similar to ones available for the iPad.

A reason for this alleged push is iCloud, Apple's seamless syncing and sharing service set to arrive this fall. By adding a 3G radio to the iPod touch, users could stay connected on the go, just like those with an iPhone or 3G iPad.

The new iPod touch will reportedly look "very similar" to the current fourth-generation model, released last September. The device will not feature voice capabilities, remaining data-only, the report said.

The source reportedly cautioned that there is "no guarantee" that Apple's new iPod touch will have 3G connectivity built in, but said that the changes "should make it."

Rumors of a 3G-capable iPod touch are not new, but so far Apple has only included Wi-Fi connectivity, along with Bluetooth, in its iOS-powered device. iPad models with a 3G radio carry a $130 premium over their Wi-Fi-only counterparts in the U.S.

There was evidence earlier this year that Apple could add integrated 3G to its MacBook Air lineup. In addition, a pre-production prototype of a 2007 MacBook Pro with a 3G radio surfaced last month, revealing Apple's internal work on bringing 3G to devices beyond the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is expected to hold an event in the coming weeks to introduce its next-generation iPhone, along with an updated iPod touch. A handful of leaked parts have suggested that Apple plans to release a white variant of the iPod touch, much like the company did with the iPhone 4.