Android-dominated T-Mobile still waiting for Apple's iPhone call

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T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman said Monday that although 90 percent of his company's smartphone sales were Android-powered devices, he would "love to have the iPhone" as part of his lineup whenever Apple decides to express interest.

Speaking at GigaOM Mobilize conference, Brodman did his part to reiterate that T-Mobile won't be part of the much-anticipated iPhone 5 launch expected next month, nor would it offer an older iPhone model.

"We'd love to have the iPhone whenever Apple makes that available," Brodman said. "The ball is in Apple's court."

With sufficient evidence to suggest Sprint will begin selling the iPhone later this year, T-Mobile stands out as that last of America's big four carriers not to offer the smartphone that pioneered a new era of mobile computing.

Last year German-based Deutsch Telekom AG, the parent company of T-Mobile, blamed poor operating performance on its inability to sell the iPhone. It claimed that although the U.S. was once a vast opportunity for the carrier, lately subscribers have been abandoning the network in favor of owning an iPhone.

Brodman noted that smartphones account for 75 percent of phones sold on T-mobile's network, 90 percent of which are based on Google's Android platform.

When asked about the performance of other smartphone platforms, Brodman expressed that he is hopeful for a BlackBerry comeback next year. In the meantime, the exec indicated that T-Mobile is eager to add the iPhone to its network but Apple has yet to extend the invitation.

"We'll wait for that phone call," he said.