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Black Friday Macs: up to $101 off MacBook Airs & iMacs, up to $250 off MacBook Pros [ux2]

Apple resellers have launched their Black Friday deals, offering savings of up to $101 on Mac Book Airs, $250 of MacBook Pros, $128 on iMacs, $39 on Mac minis and $260 on Mac Pros [updated with price changes].

Update: Best Buy is offering $150 off the 11" MacBook Air 64GB at $849.99. Amazon has rescinded its earlier deals on the 11.6" MacBook Air, 13" MacBook Pro and 21.5" iMac.

As of 12:30am Eastern, Apple had yet to launch its one-day sale in the U.S., but resellers have already initiated sales that will undercut the company's planned discounts.

MacBook Airs

Amazon offered the best deal on the entry level mid-2011 MacBook Air, but changed the price early Friday. MacMall is selling the 1.60 GHz 11" 64GB model for $939.94. For the 128GB 11" model, several retailers offer competitive prices with savings of roughly $60. MacMall has the best deal on the 1.70GHz 13" MacBook Air 128GB at $1,197.99. As for the 256GB 13" model, MacMall, MacConnection and B&H all offer similar bargains on the thin-and-light notebook.

With custom configurations of the MacBook Air, MacConnection is offering the 4GB of RAM 11" 64GB Air for $1,049.99. Meanwhile, MacMall offers savings of up to $74 on other custom configurations of the MacBook Air. 

Late 2010 MacBook Airs

Apple's previous-generation Late 2010 MacBook Airs are available with savings of up to $699. MacMall is selling last year's 1.40GHz 11" MacBook Air 64GB for $799.99. The 1.40 GHz 11" MacBook Air 128GB and the 1.60GHz 11" MacBook Air 128GB are both on sale for $879.99.

Amazon has the late 2010 1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 128GB for $1,104.32. Finally, the 1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 256GB and the 2.13GHz 13" MacBook Air 256GB both cost $1,099.99 with respective savings of $499 and $699.

MacBook Air
Apple Amazon MacMall macconnection B&H Photo & Video DataVision J&R Music World Apple Education Discount
1.40GHz 11" MacBook Air 64GB $999.00 n/a $799.99 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $949.00 $199.01
1.40GHz 11" MacBook Air 128GB $1,099.00 $899.00 $879.99 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1,149.00 $219.01
1.60GHz 11" MacBook Air 128GB $1,199.00 n/a $879.99 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1,149.00 $319.01
1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 128GB $1,299.00 $1,104.32 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1,249.00 $194.68
1.86GHz 13" MacBook Air 256GB $1,599.00 $1,234.36 $1,099.99 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1,549.00 $499.01
2.13GHz 13" MacBook Air 256GB $1,799.00 n/a $1,099.99 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1,549.00 $699.01

MacBook Pro

Amazon had the lowest price for the 2.4GHz dual 13" MacBook Pro until it raised its prices; MacMall now has the lowest price at $1,097.99. The 2.8GHz dual 13" model is available for around $1,425 from several resellers.

Apple's current-generation quad-core 15" and 17" MacBooks sport savings of up to $199 from multiple resellers as listed in AppleInsider's price guide.

Given that Apple offered only modest improvements, such as slightly faster processors, improved GPUs and larger hard drives, to its MacBook Pros when it quietly updated the lineup late last month, early 2011 MacBook Pro models may be a better value for some customers. MacConnection is selling the early 2011 2.3GHz dual 13" MacBook Pro for nearly $200 off at $999.99.


The early 2011 2.7GHz dual 13" MacBook Pro carries savings of $149 when purchased from MacMall, while the early 2011 2.0GHz quad 15" MacBook Pro model is available for $1,549.99, also from MacMall.

Mac minis

Apple's diminutive desktop is on sale for as much as $39 off from several different resellers. MacMall, MacConnection and B&H all offer the 2.30GHz Core i5 Mac mini for about $569. J&R is selling the 2.50GHz Core i5 Mac mini for $39 off at $759.99. Finally, multiple resellers are offering the Mac mini Server model for $960, down from its usual retail price of $999.

For those looking for steeper savings, the 2.66GHz server model of the 2010 Mac mini is on sale at Amazon for $749.99.


Customers can save up to $128 on the purchase of an iMac. Amazon was selling the 2.4GHz 21.5" iMac for $1,049.99, but MacMall is now the best deal at $1,097.99. The 2.7GHz 21.5" version of Apple's all-in-one desktop sells for $1,397.99 at Amazon and MacMall. 27.0" models of the iMac can be found on sale at numerous resellers for savings as high as $128.

Mac Pros

Deals for the Mac Pro offer as much as $260 in savings. The 2.80GHz 4-Core Mac Pro sells for $2,305 from multiple resellers. The 2.40GHz 8-Core model is $260 off when purchased from Amazon, MacMall or B&H. Lastly, the high-end 2.66 GHz 12-Core Mac Pro costs $4,739 at Amazon.

Apple Cinema Display

MacConnection has a Black Friday deal on Apple's 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, offering a discount of $70 that brings the price down to $929.

Sales Tax

Customers may also want to check whether resellers charge sales tax to ship orders to their states, as some vendors can provide savings by offering no-tax orders to select locations. Amazon only charges sales tax on shipments to Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, or Washington, while MacMall taxes orders sent to North Carolina, Illinois, New York, California, Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

A full breakdown of the latest Mac Prices can be seen every day in AppleInsider's Mac Price Guide — lowest prices are in bold font. Those readers looking for additional savings can also check out the Previous Generation Mac Price Guide, Apple Wireless Devices Price Guide, or the new eBay-powered Apple New and Used Product Auctions.

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