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Apple aggressively pursuing new management to quickly fill production role

Apple is eager to hire a new production support manager as quickly as possible for a mystery role in the company, and has even taken to actively soliciting online to find jobs candidates, AppleInsider has learned.

A California-based recruiter at Apple has recently been sending messages on LinkedIn revealing that Apple is looking to fill the managerial position in the next two to three weeks. Connections of this person on the business-oriented social networking site have been asked if they might know anyone who would be interested in the job opening for a role at Apple's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.

Apple is looking for candidates who are familiar with software from Germany's SAP, which is the largest business software company in the world. SAP's database software is used in corporations for a variety of purposes, including keeping track of components for assembly and production.

Fitting with Apple's well-known secrecy, details on the job are unknown. But given Apple's aggressive approach in actively soliciting people on LinkedIn to fill the position, it appears to be an urgent hire for the company, potentially signaling that Apple lost someone important, or that the company now expects greater demand for a certain product or service.

The title "production support manager" could suggest that the new employee would have a hand in the production of an upcoming product. Apple is expected to launch its third-generation iPad in the next month, while a major refresh of the entire MacBook Pro lineup, redesigning the notebooks to look more like the MacBook Air, is expected to occur this year.


The urgent requests have come from an Apple manager who has a background in online commerce and Web applications, which could also be a sign that the vacancy is related to either Apple's online store or iCloud service.

When the position is filled, it's possible that even the new hire won't know exactly what their new job entails. Apple has been known to recruit employees for fake projects, keeping them in the dark for months at a time until it is deemed that they can be trusted.