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Siri print ad shows up in Rolling Stone magazine

One of the first Apple print spots to feature its Siri virtual assistant popped up in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine on Monday as part of an iPhone 4S advertisement.

Twitter user Philip Bernstein posted a picture of the ad, which features an iPhone 4S displaying a list of San Francisco coffee shops and their corresponding star ratings below the quote "I could use a latte."

Underscoring the picture in the usual playfully terse Apple ad speak is the slogan: "You Speak. Siri helps. Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet."

Despite still carrying the "beta" product designation, Siri has been touted as the iPhone 4S' standout feature since the device debuted in October 2011. The voice-recognition software sets itself apart from comparable offerings by being able to parse natural speech rather than having a user memorize keywords and phrases.

The print ad follows the same trend as Apple's Siri television ad blitz which continuously showcases the service's various capabilities and has made the virtual assistant the focus of almost every iPhone 4S commercial.

Apple's Siri print ad as seen in Rolling Stone magazine. | Source: Philip Bernstein via Twitter

A recent study found that some 87 percent of iPhone 4S owners use at least one of Siri's functions each month, whether it be sending a text or scheduling an appointement.

Siri is currently the subject of two class action lawsuits, the most recent of which claims Apple's ads are misleading. The first suit was filed in New York earlier in March and similarly alleges that the service does not work as advertised.