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First iPhone 5 reportedly unboxed, packaging similar to iPhone 4S

A set of images reportedly showing the first unboxing of Apple's iPhone 5 hit the web on Tuesday, revealing the new handset's eco-friendly packaging is very similar to that of previous generation devices like the iPhone 4S and 4S.

iPhone 5 Box

Source: BGR

The pictures, provided to BGR, detail the internal layout of the iPhone 5's compact box, complete with Apple's EarPods in a protective case, an AC adapter, the new Lightning to USB cable and the smartphone itself.

Opening the box reveals the iPhone 5, as in previous models, and the accessories are once again located beneath the handset, though the arrangement has been slightly tweaked. As seen in the pictures, the EarPods are situated in a custom-shaped cavity at the top of the box, the AC adapter is nestled in a molded middle section with prong supports and the Lightning cable takes its place in a simple compartment at the bottom of the package.

Internal Layout

In comparison, the internal layout used with the iPhone 4S merely separated the accessories with standard dividers, the exception being a cutout for the AC plug to ensure the part didn't shift during shipping.

Perhaps the most obvious change is the switch to a new black box that matches the "Black and Slate" iPhone 5 colorway. It is not yet known if the "White and Silver" version will ship in the usual white packaging.

The set of photos also included a single image comparing the size of the iPhone 5 and previous generation iPhone 4S.


Apple is set to roll out the iPhone 5 this Friday after a record-breaking two million units were preordered in the handset's first 24 hours of availability.