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Tim Cook believes Apple's 'laser focus' will keep it from becoming Sony

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In an extensive interview with journalist Brian Williams, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said why he believes Apple will remain relevant for years to come, rather than slipping into irrelevance like companies that became cultural phenomenona in the past.

Williams asked Cook whether it's possible for Apple to stop from becoming Sony, noting that when he was a child, having a Sony Trinitron TV in one's home was a big deal.

Cook declined to refer to Sony by name after the question from Williams, but did discuss how some companies in the past decided that they could do everything. Apple won't do that, he said.


"We have to make sure at Apple that we stay true to focus — laser focus," Cook said. "We can only do great things a few times, only on a few products."

NBC revealed that it took months of meetings and negotiations to get Cook on the record for Thursday's interview. It was the first time he had appeared on television for such a discussion.