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Best Buy, MacMall drop prices on iPad and iPad mini, 3rd-gen model starts at $315

In a clearance sale initiated on Wednesday, Best Buy has cut third-generation iPad with Retina display pricing by 30 percent with prices starting at $315 for a 16GB model with Wi-Fi, while MacMall is offering savings on the newest full-size iPad and iPad mini.

Best Buy's computer clearance iPad pricing.

Best Buy is offering a number of deals, topping out with price drops of $234 for a top-of-the-line 64GB third-generation iPad with cellular connectivity.

With the introduction of the refreshed fourth-generation iPad in October, the previous models saw a slight discount to clear supply channels. Besides the A6X SoC and Lightning connector, the iPad 4 went largely unchanged from the previous version, making the third-gen iPad a great value.

iPad mini and iPad 4 Retina discounts

In addition to the deals from Best Buy, MacMall has also dropped prices on the latest full-size iPad with Lightning connector, as well as select iPad mini models. For example, a 16GB iPad with cellular + Wi-Fi costs $599.99, or $29 less than Apple's own price of $629. The biggest savings can be found with the high end 64GB cellular models, which are going for $39 below list.

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