iOS 7 beta: Zoom while recording video in Apple's Camera app

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Apple's first iOS 7 beta adds the ability to zoom in and out, via a two-finger pinching motion, while recording video in the default Camera application.

Zooming while shooting video works the same way as it does when taking a picture in iOS: Simply place two fingers on the screen, and expand them to zoom in, or pinch them closer together to zoom back out.

As can be seen in the clip above, video zoom in iOS 7 is relatively fluid, and it's easy to use. Of course, because there is no optical zoom on the iPhone's tiny image sensor, image quality is greatly reduced when the picture is zoomed completely in.

Zooming in and out also does not affect the processing time in saving a video. The first iOS 7 beta saves the file to the Photos application just as quickly.

As noted in AppleInsider's summary of changes to the new Photos app, recorded videos are also automatically categorized in their own folder via the "Albums" tab. There, Panoramas captured using the iPhone can also be found in a separate folder.

Another new feature in the iOS 7 Camera app is the ability to capture a still picture while recording video. A white capture button appears on the screen, below the red video recording button, once a recording has begun, allowing users to capture images and video at the same time.


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