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Nokia slams iPhone 5 camera in parody of Apple ad

A new advertisement from Nokia parodies Apple's "Every Day" advertisements to promote what the Finnish handset maker believes are the superior picture taking abilities of its own Lumia 925 smartphone.

The commercial starts off quoting Apple's own ad from April, which declared that "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera." But Nokia's ad goes on to say that the company builds "for quality, not just quantity."

In a series of side-by-side comparison shots, the ad shows how pictures taken in a variety of scenarios are superior on the Nokia Lumia 925 rather than Apple's iPhone 5. Examples include with flash, in low-light, color balance in regular lighting, and more.


The ad also highlights features of the Lumia 925 camera such as "action shot," "motion blur" and "best shot" capabilities that Apple does not offer with its built-in Camera app.

"Every day, better photos are taken with Nokia Lumias than with any other mobile," the commercial concludes.

Camera quality has long been a focus for Nokia in developing its smartphones. Just last month, it unveiled the Lumia 1020, a new handset with a massive 41-megapixel camera capable because of an oversized image sensor.