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Apple updates homepage to feature new holiday ad

Apple on Wednesday changed its homepage to better reflect the quickly approaching Christmas holiday by adding embedded versions of the company's "Happy Holidays" TV commercial and video-within-a-video "Harris Family Holiday" home movie.


The latest change to Apple's landing page replaces the company's tribute to the late Nelson Mandela with something more festive ahead of the holidays.

As seen in the screenshot above, Apple is using its latest iPhone and AirPlay combo ad to brighten up the homepage. The change comes exactly one week from Christmas day.

Apple's holiday commercial, which aired on Monday, marked the return of its moving "quiet" iPhone ad campaign with a touching portrait of the modern family Christmas as seen through the lens of an iPhone 5s.

In the spot, a seemingly affected teenager is shown with his nose buried in his iPhone, apparently out of touch with the family festivities going on around him. The ad includes a surprise ending —hence its title "Misunderstood" —that has literally brought some viewers to tears.

The small graphic change brings the landing page more in line with the rest of the company's website, which now features the traditional holiday-themed storefront complete with gift list suggestions for last-minute shoppers.

On a related note, Apple earlier this week activated iBookstore gifting, bringing the last iTunes Store outlet into the gift-giving fold in time for the holidays.