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Target serves up iPhone and iPad deals for last-minute holiday shoppers

Target on Friday announced a special iOS device promotion scheduled to run from Dec. 22 through Dec. 24, with the deals starting one day after a currently active sale offering customers discounts on Apple's iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and first-gen iPad mini.


Source: Target

While Target is about to wind down a week-long iPhone and iPad promotion on Saturday, the retail chain is preparing to kick off a new three-day event on Sunday, which will offer customers price discounts and store gift cards for Apple's latest iPhone and iPad models.

Spotted by GigaOm, Target will wrap up a sale event tomorrow that has Apple's iPhone 5c selling for $50 plus a $50 Target gift card, and the iPhone 5s for $149.99 with two-year contract. In addition to the in-store-only iPhone discounts, the retailer has cut online pricing on the first-generation iPad mini, which is now on sale for $299 plus free $30 gift card.

Starting on Dec. 22, customers will once again be able to take advantage of iPhone deals at brick-and-mortar Target locations, with the iPhone 5c on sale for $30 plus a free $30 gift card, while the iPhone 5s will be priced at $179.99 plus $25 gift card.

Also on sale this Sunday is the new 16GB iPad Air, which will go for $479 plus $20 gift card, while the non-Retina iPad mini deal is set to carry over from the current promotion.

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