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Apple to finally open new Brisbane flagship store on Jan. 17

After two years of unforeseen setbacks, Apple has finally set a date for the opening of its new flagship Apple Store in Brisbane, Australia, which is to start operations on Jan. 17 in the historic MacArthur Chambers building.

Brisbane Apple Store

According to Apple's website, the Brisbane location will feature the usual Apple Store amenities, including a Genius Bar, One-to-One training and various events and workshops.

The MacArthur Chambers outlet was first discovered in a development application in 2011, but it was thought that Apple abandoned the site after a major contractor attached to project filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Also of concern was reported issues with modernizing the aging interior of the historic structure.

In August of 2013, fresh architectural renderings and blueprints were filed with city officials, suggesting construction was back on track. The new plans called for the removal of multiple sidewalk structures directly in front of the store, such as a large bench and tree installations, to create symmetry with the store's front entrance.

The MacArthur Chambers building was erected in the 1930s and was used as a base of operations during Word War II for the allied forces' South West Pacific Area led by U.S. General Douglas MacArthur.