SV150: Apple, Inc. earns more than HP, Google, Intel & Cisco combined

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A listing of Silicon Valley's top companies points out that Apple now brings in more revenue ($174 billion) than second place Hewlett Packard and third place Google combined, and earns more money ($37 billion) than the rest of the top five together.

The SV150 is compiled by the region's San Jose Mercury News from Bloomberg data and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the companies

Despite its leadership position in revenues and profits, investors have valued Apple with a market capitalization that's only about 70 percent of the combined value of HP, Google, Intel and Cisco.


The region's eleventh largest firm, Facebook, has a market cap that's nearly a third the size of Apple's, despite revenues that are just 4 percent of the iPhone maker's, and profits that are less than 4 percent of Apple's earnings.