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Google's new Web series 'Route 85' aims to help developers make iOS apps using Google SDKs

Google on Friday announced a new series of developer outreach videos called "Route 85," which looks to facilitate expanded use of Google's iOS SDKs in third-party app creations.

In a short ad on the official Google Developers YouTube channel, uploaded in tandem with a post on the group's Google+ page, developer advocate Todd Kerpelman gives a brief rundown of what viewers can expect from the upcoming show.

"We have a whole bunch of crazy smart engineers that are building dozens of apps for iOS devices," Kerpelman says. "And we have SDKs available for everything from Maps, to analytics, to games that you could use to power your own apps."

As detailed in the video, Google is planning to use the show to inform developers about new libraries released for iOS, as well as tips from Google engineers on creating Google-powered apps.

Google has built a number of high performance developer tools for iOS, but is not considered an "iOS company" because it created and successfully marketed rival mobile OS Android. Still, the Internet search giant is looking for ways to hop on Apple's platform beyond its own in-house initiatives like the recently updated Google search app for iOS.

Route 85 is set to debut soon on the Google Developers' YouTube channel.