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AppleInsider's updated iOS app features faster image loading, improved font options

The official AppleInsider application, designed for both iPhone and iPad, was given an update on Wednesday with a few much-requested features, including darker displayed text and faster loading images.

AppleInsider version 2.0.1 is now available as a free download on the iOS App Store. With the latest update, article timestamps are now viewable from the main screen, and images within articles load faster.

Users can also control the size and weight of the app's font by selecting the font controls button, located in the bottom right corner when a story is open. The app's font is now darker by default, making it easier to read all the latest news.

In addition to font size controls, the AppleInsider application also includes a bold text option for greater readability. Switching on bold text also affects headlines displayed on the main screen.

Finally, the update also fixes various bugs from the previous build, version 2.0, which debuted in October.

The AppleInsider app comes with a free 30-day subscription trial for all readers, allowing ad-free access and additional features. After 30 days, users WILL NOT be rolled into a paid subscription or incur any charge. Instead, users will have two options:

    1) Subscribe to AppleInsider Plus to maintain the ads-free experience and continued use of Favorite syncing, customized push notifications, third-party save support, and other premium features.

    2) Choose not to subscribe and continue reading all of AppleInsider's content complete FREE with the presence of traditional advertisements here and there. Premium features such as Favorite syncing, push notification customization, and other premium features will be disabled.

That update brought a fresh new look to the official AppleInsider app, as well as unified subscription features across the iPhone and iPad. Readers who subscribe will be given an ads-free experience, along with the ability to favorite articles, save for offline reading, and export to Instapaper or Pocket.

Subscribers looking to access their account on both iPhone and iPad should ensure that they are logged into the same iCloud account on both devices, and the subscription should automatically sync through Apple's servers.

For all other non-subscribing readers, AppleInsider is a free, ad-supported app designed by the incredibly gifted crew at our digital design shop, Crafted.

All of our same content remains available to readers via our traditional website, as well as in our mobile-friendly version accessible via Safari on the iPhone. And readers can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, our Newsletter and via RSS.