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HTC disses Apple, Samsung in new rap video

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC recently released a bizarre music video starring rapper Don G alongside backup dancers dressed as smartphones, dubbed "Hold the Crown," in which the former waxes lyrical about the relative superiority of HTC's handsets and executive team.

"Y'all can't be serious man / Y'all trying to bite us? / You know what I'm saying? / It took y'all six years to get what we got in two years," G begins, apparently referring to Samsung's six-year-old Galaxy line. There is no word on what HTC has that Samsung is trying to "bite" in the lyrics as transcribed by Engadget.

The song continues, suggesting that people may not currently know HTC's name but will shortly, as they are "about to say it loud" and currently "hold the crown," though the exact crown is not defined. HTC CEO Peter Chou is called out personally, presumably an affirmation of his leadership.

G goes on to call HTC's rivals "smartphone scared," saying that they don't want to "clash with a Titan" and insinuating that the release of HTC's One M8 may have caused competitors to alter their plans. Samsung is rumored to have moved the forthcoming Galaxy S6 to an all-metal design.

Apple appears to be the track's next target, with similar criticism: "Your phone was all glass / Why you change your tune now," G raps, seemingly referring to the gradual shift from the iPhone 4's glass back to the iPhone 6's all-metal rear.

The Apple assault continues, with G saying Apple's "chip is slower" and the Cupertino company will "never touch [HTC's] BoomSound." BoomSound is HTC's replacement for the Beats Audio system found on the One M7, a partnership which ended following Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics.

Criticism then becomes more blunt: "We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated."

This is followed by an enumeration of the One M8's various technical specifications, alongside a plea that the general public should follow the lead of tech bloggers, who have responded positively to the new handset. The track winds down by calling the One M8 "the greatest smartphone ever created baby...far too great for y'all competition," ending with another claim on the still-unidentified "crown" and a final recollection of HTC chief Chou.