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Apple Watch sales estimated at 2.79M, 17% of buyers spring for extra bands

Although Apple has yet to release official Apple Watch sales numbers beyond being "thrilled" about its launch, research firm Slice Intelligence says the company is raking in big profits from Apple-made band accessories, as can be expected.

Analyzing mail receipts from two million people, Slice found more than 20,000 purchased an Apple Watch, Reuters reports. Extrapolating beyond the sample pool results in an estimated 2.79 million units since the device launched in April.

Of those customers who purchased Watch, 17 percent picked up more than one band.

According to Slice, Apple's black Sport Band was the most popular model, both for aftermarket sales and as configured with device. The Milanese loop came in second, but comparative metrics were not provided. The report seems woefully incomplete, however, as it failed to detail how many extra bands are being purchased or offer a comprehensive breakdown of Apple Watch sales by model.

Reuters cites an IHS report that concluded Apple pays about $2.05 to manufacture a $49 Sport Band, though Apple CEO Tim Cook has gone on record as saying build cost estimates are usually wildly inaccurate.

The publication also cites sources as saying Apple will not take in revenue from third-party band manufacturers, but fails to mention a "Made for Apple Watch" licensing program expected to launch based on design guidelines posted by Apple in May.