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AC/DC to join subscription streaming bandwagon in time for Apple Music debut

According to a report on Monday, rock legends and longtime streaming music holdouts AC/DC are primed to offer their tracks through subscription services, including Apple Music, as early as Tuesday.

Source: AC/DC

An anonymous source informed The New York Times that the band has embraced subscription-based streaming services and will make an undisclosed number of tracks available on Apple Music, Spotify and Rdio.

AC/DC first agreed to sell its classic library on iTunes in 2012, including a special edition collection featuring demo tracks, live albums and other digital exclusives. At the time, the Australian rockers were one of the last bands to join the digital music revolution.

The news comes after it was announced that Apple Music nabbed first streaming rights to Dr. Dre's seminal release The Chronic. Along with Dr. Dre, Apple has managed to line up a decent list of exclusive offerings for its Apple Music launch on Tuesday, including Taylor Swift's much ballyhooed 1989 (after a public kerfuffle over streaming royalty rates) and Pharrell Williams' single "Freedom."

Apple Music is scheduled for release tomorrow at 8 a.m. Pacific as part of Apple's iOS 8.4 update.