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App Store puts 100 iOS titles on sale for 99 cents, YouTube app updated with 'vertical video' support

In a pair of iOS App Store developments on Thursday, Apple put a collection of 100 titles up for sale priced at 99 cents each, while Google updated YouTube for iOS to make the "vertical video" viewing experience a bit more bearable.

Simply called "100 Apps & Games," Apple's latest collection features 99-cent sale pricing on 100 popular titles in categories like photography, kids, productivity and of course games. While frequent App Store spenders likely heard of —or own —most of the apps up for sale, the selection includes a few indie games and obscure productivity tools that should pique everyone's interest.

A substantial portion of the 100 are gaming titles, so Apple designated special subsections as an aid for those unfamiliar with what is arguably the App Store's most popular category. Sections like "Game Hits" feature more recent additions like Goat Simulator, while lesser known games such as God of Light are surfaced in "More Games to Explore." Classics including the original Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are highlighted in "App Store Veterans."

On the non-game side, Apple selected a clutch of successful apps, some of which are cross-listed in a separate 99-cent sale initiated last week.

Also new to the App Store is Google's latest update to the venerable YouTube app. The upgraded app allows users to playback "vertical videos" in full screen, a change from previous versions that effectively shrunk such content by squeezing it between two black bars.

The "vertical video" term references footage shot on an iPhone or other portable device in portrait mode which, when uploaded to YouTube, forces an unfamiliar aspect ratio that is much taller than it is wide. The Internet search giant addressed the issue in a similar YouTube update for its own Android operating system yesterday.

YouTube version 10.28 is a free 37.6MB download from the iOS App Store.