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Apple begins selling official Apple Watch lugs to third-party band makers

Via a third-party distributor, Avnet, Apple is now selling authorized lugs for the Apple Watch that accessory makers can use in their own bands for the device.

The lugs are all stainless steel, and come with the phrase "Made for Apple Watch" etched on them. 38- and 42-millimeter versions are available in lots of 25 or 200. Costs range between $278.75 for 25 38-millimeter lugs, to $1,866 for 200 42-millimeter units.

Bands must conform to Apple's official design guidelines, which dictate not just dimensions but criteria like materials, durability, and functionality. Accessory makers will also likely have to buy one of Avnet's pentalobe screwdrivers, which are $12.65 apiece. Special instructions show how to install each lug.

At the moment, all of Avnet's orders carry a two-week delay.

Even without official lugs, many third-party, unsanctioned Watch bands are already on the market. These tend to offer color and material combinations that Apple doesn't, or simply a lower price. Even the company's Sport Bands are normally $49, and the official Link Bracelet is priced at $449, more than a 42-millimeter Apple Watch Sport.