Video clip of WSJD Live's Tim Cook interview posted with transcript

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A week after Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at this year's WSJD Live event to discuss car rumors, Apple Music and more in a closely followed interview, the Wall Street Journal on Monday posted a snippet covering Apple Watch to its website.

During his interview with WSJ editor Gerard Baker last week, Cook artfully dodged questions about a supposed "Apple Car," while pushing forward the company's environmental and public responsibility initiatives. As can be expected, the discussion went deep on Apple's staunch consumer privacy policies.

In the clip provided today, Cook talks about Apple Watch, or more specifically why Baker should give the device a chance. Baker leads off with a question about Apple's first wearable, saying he didn't find it to be "indispensable."

"We see customer satisfaction off the charts. It's, like, 97%. What people love about it, they love the health and fitness portion of it," Cook said. "They love being reminded they've been sitting too long. People love notifications. Paying with the watch is even better than the iPhone."

While not included in the published video, Cook also revealed Apple Music statistics last week, saying the service now boasts 6.5 million paying subscribers, while another 8.5 million are trying it out for free. He went on to mention the new Apple TV, dropping the news that Apple's hotly anticipated device would go on sale today.

Cook was expectedly tight lipped on rumors of an Apple-backed car project, at first refusing to answer any questions before relenting. Still, information provided was sparse and general.

"What we want in the short term is, we'd like people as they enter their car to be able to have an iPhone experience in their car," he said. "We've developed a product called CarPlay. That's all about trying to make your life outside the car and your life inside the car be seamless."

In lieu of a full recording of Cook's interview, the publication provides a transcript of choice quotes regarding Apple's vehicle plans, its iPhone business, the future of content consumption platforms and more.

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