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This week on AI: Apple's March 21 event, 'iPhone 7' rumors, 'GovtOS' resistance & more

Media attention naturally gravitated towards Apple's March 21 press event, where the company is expected to show off a new 4-inch iPhone and an updated 9.7-inch iPad. Plenty of other happenings were in the air though, including "iPhone 7" rumors and Apple's ongoing confrontation with the Department of Justice and the FBI over encryption.

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Everything you need to know:

  • What to expect from Apple's 'let us loop you in' event > >

  • The new iPad may start at $599 > >

  • This fall's iPhone 7 may have a thinner, flatter body > >

  • Some Apple workers are allegedly ready to quit if a "GovtOS" is demanded > >

  • Packaging backs up the "iPhone SE" name for the new 4-inch phone > >

  • Apple News officially opened up to all publishers > >

  • iCloud security is set to toughen in the future > >

  • Apple may be building a fully self-sufficient cloud infrastructure > >

  • In the meantime, Apple may be switching from Amazon to Google for third-party cloud needs > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

What to expect from Apple's March 21 'let us loop you in' event

Rumor: Apple's new 9.7" iPad will carry premium $599 starting price for 32GB

New iPhone 7 case rumor depicts thinner body, nearly flush camera

Apple employees threaten to quit if forced to build GovtOS, report says

Purported packaging leak claims to confirm 'iPhone SE' name, NFC for Apple's new 4" iPhone

Apple News to open to all publishers this week, get public reader metrics by mid-2016

Apple again rumored to goose iCloud security amid iPhone encryption flap

Apple plans self-sufficient cloud infrastructure with 'Project McQueen'

Apple rumored to lean on Google Cloud Platform for certain iCloud services [u]