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Apple's Tim Cook takes 11th on list of 'Best-Value' CEOs

On Tuesday Apple's leader, Tim Cook, placed 11th in a Bloomberg ranking of CEOs considered to be the best value to their companies in terms of pay versus performance.

Cook's most recent compensation is estimated to be nearly $10.3 million —partly salary, but mostly non-equity incentive, Bloomberg said. The publication singled out Cook in its introduction, noting that while his compensation "isn't chump change," it makes him a "bargain" to Apple considering the many billions in profits the company has generated in the past three years.

Specifically Cook is estimated to have received about $2 million in salary, but some $8 million in incentives.

Cook's position on the list might have been higher except that a number of people above him, such as Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet, accept much lower compensation. In fact the top two people on the list —Fossil Group's Kosta Kartsotis, and Ubiquiti's Robert Pera —aren't currently accepting any formal compensation. Kartsotis however owns more than $200 million in Fossil stock, while Pera owns nearly 70 percent of Ubiquiti.

Another person of note is Alphabet's Larry Page, who claims a salary of just $1, much like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Again like Jobs, though, Page is thought to make up for this with stock ownership.