Apple's Tim Cook takes 11th on list of 'Best-Value' CEOs

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On Tuesday Apple's leader, Tim Cook, placed 11th in a Bloomberg ranking of CEOs considered to be the best value to their companies in terms of pay versus performance.

Cook's most recent compensation is estimated to be nearly $10.3 million — partly salary, but mostly non-equity incentive, Bloomberg said. The publication singled out Cook in its introduction, noting that while his compensation "isn't chump change," it makes him a "bargain" to Apple considering the many billions in profits the company has generated in the past three years.

Specifically Cook is estimated to have received about $2 million in salary, but some $8 million in incentives.

Cook's position on the list might have been higher except that a number of people above him, such as Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet, accept much lower compensation. In fact the top two people on the list — Fossil Group's Kosta Kartsotis, and Ubiquiti's Robert Pera — aren't currently accepting any formal compensation. Kartsotis however owns more than $200 million in Fossil stock, while Pera owns nearly 70 percent of Ubiquiti.

Another person of note is Alphabet's Larry Page, who claims a salary of just $1, much like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Again like Jobs, though, Page is thought to make up for this with stock ownership.


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