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Apple updates pro video apps with bug fixes, feature additions

Apple on Thursday updated its suite of video editing tools —Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor —with a number of minor feature additions, bug fixes and general performance improvements.

The flagship Final Cut Pro benefits from the largest number of feature additions, including a handful of new audio-related capabilities.

In particular, Apple notes the ability to add custom folders of audio files to the Sound Effects browser. User interface tools have also been updated, as applying ripple delete to audio-only clips no longer disables the selected range and audio meters retain custom width setting after relaunching the app.

Other changes include increased responsiveness when editing long project files, as well as improved H.264 file handling for exporting and changing frame rate. ProRes 4444 file support has also been improved to better handle transparencies.

Today's update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixes an issue in which adjusting the line spacing of multi-line titles only applied to the first line
  • Fixes an issue in which secondary storylines with mixed roles could overlap in the timeline
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent burning Final Cut Pro projects to DVD via Apple USB SuperDrive

The Final Cut Pro update comes in at 2.97 gigabytes and is free for existing users. New customers can purchase the app from the Mac App Store for $299.99.

Apple's graphics app Motion was updated with minor improvements such as enhanced stability when using multiple camera behaviors and the same H.264 performance changes mentioned above.

In addition, bug fixes include:

  • Fixes a stability issue when using the Timecode text generator
  • Fixes a stability issue when the cursor rolls over markers during playback
  • Fixes a stability issue when using the nudge keyframe shortcut

Motion is a free 2.31 gigabyte download for existing users, while those new to the software can pick up a copy for $49.99.

Finally, Compressor on Thursday was updated with multiple user interface fixes and performance patches:

  • Fade In/Fade Out filter is applied correctly when using distributed encoding
  • Disc name and titles are correctly displayed when using languages with double-byte characters
  • Location paths are respected when using Compressor via Terminal
  • Improves performance when exporting H.264 files and changing frame rate
  • Exporting ProRes 4444 files with transparency using Compressor creates a correct alpha channel
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent processing files using 32-bit codecs including Animation, PNG, Cinepak, and WMV
  • Fixes an issue in which marker buttons on the Touch Bar may be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent burning Final Cut Pro projects to DVD via Apple USB SuperDrive

Compressor comes in at 445 megabytes and can be purchased for $49.99.

Apple's last major pro video software revamp came in October when Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor gained UI tools compatible with the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.