Shipping times for Apple's BeatsX earbuds slip to as long as 2-3 weeks

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Despite the product only going on sale on Friday, some U.S. shipments of Apple's BeatsX earbuds are already being delayed up to 2 to 3 weeks, AppleInsider checks show.

So far, the delays apply only to the gray color. Black and white models should still arrive on Feb. 14 or 15, while blue ones are slated to ship anywhere between Feb. 22 and Feb. 28, depending partly on whether a person pays for expedited shipping. Best Buy is also accepting orders for all four colors with the blue and gray styles set to ship by Feb. 22.

As recently as this morning, gray earbuds were due to ship at the same speed as blue ones. While Apple may simply have underestimated demand for the one color or had difficulties with production, the situation could also mean that delays for other colors aren't far behind.

The BeatsX, priced at $149.95, is the latest and cheapest of headphones with Apple's W1 wireless chip, which offers easier pairing with Apple hardware and strong overall Bluetooth connectivity. The earbuds do include some other features, namely Fast Fuel charging, an inline remote, and magnetic tips that lock together.

Apple first announced the headphones in September alongside the iPhone 7, but they missed a fall launch date, eventually forcing the company to postpone sales until today. In the meantime several other W1-equipped products have shipped, including the AirPods, and the Beats-branded Powerbeats3 and Solo3.


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