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Apple updates App Analytics for developers with new metrics on discovery

Apple this week upgraded its App Analytics service on iTunes Connect with new details on app discovery, offering developers more clues on how to maximize their marketing.

The service will now identify sources including the Web, app referrals, App Store browsing, or direct search, Apple explained. As with other App Analytics data, the information can be viewed as charts, graphs, and percentages over varying time periods.

While individual users aren't identified, Apple does break down sources in some cases, for instance displaying the domains of Web referrals.

The new data means that developers can alter their keywords to make apps more discoverable, or reconsider which apps and websites to partner with.

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Apple has been gradually improving the App Store in response to developer complaints and wishlists. With iOS 10.3 the company introduced a new reviews system, letting users rate apps without leaving them, while giving developers a chance to respond to reviews.

More recently the company raised App Store prices in the European Union —compensating for currency fluctuations —while simultaneously introducing a new 0.49 euro tier for ultra-low cost apps.