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This week on AI: Apple's 'iPhone 8' features all but confirmed, 2017 4K iMac review & more

Following the intensity of WWDC, the heat of the iron softened to a warm glow this week, with reports all but confirming some of the features of upcoming iPhones —as well as original video content becoming a key product at Apple.

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Everything you need to know:

  • The "iPhone 8" will likely have 3D facial recognition and iris scanning > >
  • An Apple supplier revealed that the 'iPhone 7s Plus' will have wireless charging and better waterproofing > >
  • Apple announced the hiring of two former Sony executives for its video plans > >
  • Apple stocks took a beating in a wider tech selloff, and out of concern over cellular speeds on the 'iPhone 8' > >
  • AppleInsider reviewed the new 4K iMac > >
  • These may or may not be genuine panels for all three new iPhones > >
  • Tim Cook said Apple's self-driving car technology is "the mother of all AI projects" > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Largan confirms it will ship facial recognition 3D sensors this year, in time for Apple's 'iPhone 8'

Apple partner Wistron says 'iPhone 7s Plus' will include wireless charging, improved waterproofing

Apple beefs up unique video content team with pair of Sony programming directors

AAPL drops in wake of broader tech selloff, claims of throttled 'iPhone 8'

Review: Apple's 21.5" iMac with Retina 4K display gets solid 2017 architectural refresh

Leak purports to show front and back panels of Apple's 'iPhone 8' & 'iPhone 7s'

Self-driving machine learning at core of Apple's car ambitions, declares Tim Cook in interview

Drag-and-drop for iPhone enabled by tweaks in Apple's iOS 11 beta code

Apple issues new $1B bond to finance 'green' energy projects

Review: Apple's new 12" MacBook boasts incremental speed improvements

Wisconsin location reportedly under consideration for US Foxconn factory

Report claims Apple expanding CareKit, working on iPhone health record repository feature

Watch: 2017 MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake CPU vs. Apple's 2016 Skylake model

Apple's eGPU developer's kit is promising, but what gets delivered in the future is anybody's guess

Watch: 2017 vs. 2016 Apple iPad Pro comparison