Alleged SIM trays for Apple's 'iPhone 8' hint at gold, silver & black as only colors

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Leaked SIM trays for Apple's OLED-based "iPhone 8" may support the notion that the phone will come in just three colors: black, silver, and a new copper/"blush" shade of gold.

Images of two of the parts were posted online by prolific leak source Benjamin Geskin. Their authenticity is difficult to determine, particularly since they resemble trays for the iPhone 7, apart from the new color.

Multiple reports have pointed to the existence of a copper-like gold, sometimes referred to as "blush" gold. The iPhone 7 comes in yellow or rose gold, among other tones.

The notion of there being only three color options for the "iPhone 8" was backed last month by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. At the time, he didn't identify a specific shade of gold, but did say black and silver would be the other choices.

It's not certain why Apple would scale back the number of colors from the six available for the iPhone 7. The "iPhone 8" is expected to be in extremely short supply however, and Apple may also be positioning the device as a luxury item — two recent reports claimed the device will actually be called the "iPhone 8 Edition" or "iPhone X," making the "iPhone 7s" the real "iPhone 8."

Apple is set to reveal all of its new iPhones in less than a week, at a Sept. 12 press event at its new Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.