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Facebook flips switch on Apple Music song sharing through Messenger extension

Facebook is now letting users share tracks from Apple Music via a Messenger chat extension, which could help increase the service's exposure.

Not everyone will see the Apple Music extension right away.

Not everyone will see the Apple Music extension right away.

Within the Messenger iPhone and iPad app, the extension can be found by tapping the "plus" icon on the left-hand side of the text entry field. It appears to be rolling out gradually, as only some people are reporting seeing it.

While only Apple Music subscribers can listen to complete songs, anyone can share or listen to 30-second samples.

The extension includes an option to sign up for Apple Music, and people can search for "Apple Music" on the Messenger home screen to find a bot offering artist recommendations. The bot will even feed recommendations based on emoji, Engadget noted.

Apple's chief rival in on-demand music, Spotify, has had an active chat extension since August. Facebook promised future support for both services in April of this year, and it's not clear why the Apple Music extension took longer.