This week on AI: Fears for iPhone 8 & X numbers, cheaper 2018 iPhones, KRACK fix & more

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Much of this week's news revolved around the iPhone 8 and X — in particular, fears that the 8 isn't selling as well as hoped, and that production won't meet demand for the X. Some potentially good news, though, was a rumor that next year's iPhones will be somewhat cheaper.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple may be slashing iPhone 8 production in half > >
  • Foxconn's first shipment of the iPhone X may have consisted of just 46,500 units > >
  • iPhone X production could improve in November, but the company might only have 2 to 3 million phones ready at launch > >
  • Next year's iPhones could be less expensive > >
  • For now, Apple is still on the hook for $439.7M to VirnetX > >
  • Upcoming Apple software releases will fix a serious WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability > >
  • Apple and GE teamed up in a major enterprise partnership > >

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