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Apple shares tutorial video explaining 'how to get the most' from HomePod

Continuing a recent surge in HomePod-related tutorial videos, Apple on Friday posted a fresh explainer to its official YouTube support channel covering general device features, from music playback to Siri commands.

Titled "How to get the most from HomePod," Apple's latest mini lesson runs over three minutes long and goes over a series of basic HomePod functions including Personal Requests, talking to Siri and controlling smart home accessories.

Starting with music, Apple notes Siri on HomePod can be tasked to play specific songs, tracks by artist, user playlists or genres. Leaning on Apple Music curation, the device can also create specialized playlists tailored to a particular activity or mood. Users can also turn to their iPhone to take control of HomePod playback, Apple says.

Moving on to phone calls, the company shows users how to use HomePod as a speaker phone. Simply accept or place a call, tap on the audio button and select HomePod from the list of available devices. Tapping on HomePod's touch panel — which pulses green during a call — ends the conversation.

Apple also touches on Personal Requests, or the accessing of data that users may deem sensitive. When connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a paired iPhone, and with Personal Requests enabled, Siri on HomePod can send and receive messages, add reminders a create notes. For those who want to keep their correspondence private, there is a way to disable Personal Requests using the Home app.

The video goes on to detail methods of conducting basic internet queries and controlling smart home accessories like connected lights.

Today's tutorial follows a slate of three HomePod how-to videos published on Saturday. Following the same format, Apple went over music playback, physical touch controls and adjusting HomePod settings using the Home app in iOS.

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