This week on AI: 6.5-inch iPhone details, new Apple headphones, California shootings & more

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News of the week included more details on a 6.5-inch iPhone, rumors of Apple-branded headphones, and word that California police are stepping up the hunt for people shooting at Apple buses.

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Everything you need to know:

  • The 6.5-inch iPhone could be as big as an iPhone 8 Plus, but with a 2,588-by-1,242 OLED display > >
  • Apple-branded over-the-ear headphones could be ready this year > >
  • Your iCloud data may be stored on Google servers > >
  • Apple Watch users can now track skiing and snowboarding > >
  • iOS 11 and the iPhone X may no longer be safe from government agencies > >
  • Decoys and undercover cops are being used to track down the Apple bus shooter — or shooters > >
  • New internal Apple clinics will serve both healthcare and testing needs > >

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