This week on AI: Apple headphone struggles, cheaper HomePods, labor rights & more

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Apple could make a further push into audio products later this year, assuming rumors and development pan out. It meanwhile turns out the company has plenty of work to do in cleaning up abuses in its supply chain.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple's high-end headphones have undergone multiple redesigns > >
  • A cheaper HomePod could be coming > >
  • Apple's supply chain is still plagued by labor violations > >
  • The company did take steps however, including cutting out some smelters and refiners completely > >
  • Police can probably hack into your iPhone 8 or X — and for less money than previous iPhone hacks > >
  • Apple could pounce on shows from Barack Obama if Netflix doesn't snap them up > >
  • The iPhone X "notch" could be gone in 2019 devices > >

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