Everything new in iOS 13.5 beta 3 - Face ID changes, and Exposure Notification

By Andrew O'Hara

Apple's latest iOS 13.5 beta adds new features and settings all designed to aid in the fight against COVID-19. AppleInsider digs into the latest update to see what is coming as the update approaches release.

iOS 13.5 has several COVID-19-related changse

The new beta of iOS 13.5 is actually the third beta of iOS 13.4.5 that Apple had to relabel due to the inclusion of its COVID-19 tracking SDK. This new SDK and API will allow certain developers to create apps that are able to aid in contact tracing those who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Aside from this SDK being included, Apple also included a toggle within settings to disable COVID-19 exposure notifications. Currently, in the beta, it is opt-out rather than opt-in. Right now, though, it still needs the user to download an official app that doesn't exist yet to utilize the feature.

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How to disable the COVID-19 Exposure Notification on iOS 13.5

Unlocking your iPhone when wearing a face mask is easier with iOS 13.5

On Face ID-enabled iPhones, it is slightly more difficult to unlock your phone while wearing a face mask. With this update, Face ID will recognize the mask and automatically prompt you to enter your passcode, rather than waiting for Face ID to time out.

Previously, you'd have to swipe up and wait for Face ID to fail before Apple would prompt you to enter your pin. Now, it is instant when a mask is detected.

Apple will be releasing iOS 13.5 in the coming weeks alongside updates for Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, and Mac.

Group FaceTime

Users now have the option to turn off Group FaceTime's dynamic zoom effect, which automatically enlarges a participants window when they speak. Instead, users can select which person to focus on by tapping on a new static window interface.

If you find any other changes in iOS 13.5, let us know on Twitter at Andrew_OSU.