Pro Display XDR marketing drops 'far beyond HDR' label in UK

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Apple has changed how it markets the Pro Display XDR in the United Kingdom following complaints to an advertising regulator, with it no longer using the words "Far beyond HDR" to describe the screen.

Apple's Pro Display XDR is an impressively powerful monitor, capable of displaying HDR10 content as well as Dolby Vision and HLG playback. While Apple routinely proclaims the display's virtues, it's had to modify its messaging in the United Kingdom at least.

Following complaints made to the Advertising Standards Authority, Apple has updated its website to remove the phrase "Far beyond HDR" from descriptions of the Pro Display XDR. The second paragraph on the page eliminates the terms from the final statement, which previously read "Far beyond HDR, it's Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR)."

The ASA website shows Apple was the subject of an "informally resolved" complaint on April 7. This refers to situations where the ASA and the companies involved agree to small changes that fall short of requiring a full investigation or a more formal and public ruling.

The regulator confirmed to 9to5Mac that the complaint in question was over the Pro Display XDR's marketing, and that the ASA asked for Apple to abstain from using the three-word statement.

The original Pro Display XDR text (top), and the altered UK-specific version (bottom)

This isn't the only change made to the Pro Display XDR page covering the United Kingdom. A footnote has been added to its description of the P3 wide color gamut, clarifying the display covers 99% of the color space.

Apple made the changes to just the UK page for the Pro Display XDR, since the ASA only regulates marketing within the country. The same page for other regions remains unchanged.

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