Tim Cook says work from home will remain 'very critical' after pandemic ends

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Tim Cook believes that many companies will continue to employ workers remotely even after coronavirus numbers decrease.

While some believe that working from home is merely a temporary side effect of the pandemic, Apple is betting that remote work will likely outlast the coronavirus.

"Where this pandemic will end, many companies will continue to operate in hybrid mode," Cook said in Wednesday's quarterly earnings call. "Work from home will remain very critical."

Apple has seen record-breaking growth this quarter, with 53.6% growth year-over-year. Outperforming all other devices, iPad has seen growth of over 78% this quarter, likely due to work-from-home and the increased role iPad plays in remote learning.

Mac also saw 70% growth, $9.1 billion in revenue, up from $5.4 billion a year ago. The company noted that the last three quarters were the best ever for Mac.

"The demand feels very strong right now," Cook said of the quarterly performance. "Both on the Mac side, you have the combination of work from home and remote learning. And in iPad, you've got remote learning and work from home as well."

In October, Cook said that Apple saw growth in sales to remote students and home workers and believed that trend would continue.


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