Get four months of Apple Arcade free with the Steelseries Nimbus+

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Steelseries has announced that anyone who purchases the Nimbus+ controller will get four months of Apple Arcade for free.

The Nimbus+ wireless controller utilizes all of the conventional buttons a gamer expects in a controller, including clickable joystick buttons. Users can pair the controller via Bluetooth to their preferred Apple device.

If you are in the market for a gaming controller, this is a mobile-first option. It comes with an iPhone mount and has a 50-hour battery life, perfect for gaming on the go.

The Nimbus+ is an all-around improvement on the first-generation of the controller with a responsive d-pad and hall effect triggers. This was a controller designed with Apple users in mind.

Craig Olson, SteelSeries President of Worldwide Mobile, says the Nimbus+ Apple Arcade bundle "represents an incredible customer experience" and arrives at a perfect time with the 5G rollout.

AppleInsider reviewed the Nimbus+ controller and called it an ideal gaming controller for the iPhone. This MFi controller charges via Lightning, which means you'll need one less cable when traveling.

Customers interested in the bundle can order the controller now for $69.99 and receive the four months of Apple Arcade free at purchase.

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