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Apple gives 11 reasons why business users should choose Mac

Credit: Apple

In an updated webpage, Apple has laid out 11 reasons why business users should choose a Mac as their primary work computer, including better performance, battery life, and security.

The webpage, "11 Reasons Mac means business," highlights some of the benefits of the Mac for a business or enterprise environment. Apple's M1 chip occupies the first and second "reasons" on the page because "it's that powerful."

Additional business benefits of a Mac include easy device management, built-in security, long battery life, and lower operating costs in the long-term.

Apple also notes that 84% of the world's top innovative businesses rely on Mac, including Salesforce, SAP, and Target.

Along with the updated website, Apple has also published a new M1 overview for business users. The document touts the chip's performance, including the fact that it offers up to 2x faster Excel performance, 50% faster web app responsiveness, and 2x longer battery life when using Zoom.

Earlier in 2021, Apple published a consumer-focused "Why Mac" webpage giving users a tour of Mac features and benefits.