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Netflix enables Spatial Audio support for iPhone and iPad

Netflix on Wednesday began to roll out Spatial Audio support on its iPhone and iPad apps, offering users with compatible AirPods models an immersive listening experience when watching TV shows, movies and other content.

Spatial Audio is currently rolling out to iPhone and iPad users running iOS 14 as a settings option, reports iPhonesoft. The French language publication claimed Netflix began testing the feature in January.

Netflix confirmed the rollout to 9to5Mac in a statement earlier today, though the feature might not be immediately available to all users.

When it is accessible, the option will appear in Control Center only when a pair of compatible AirPods are connected to the host device. Opening Control Center and performing a long press on the volume slider brings up options to activate noise cancelling and, new for Netflix, Spatial Audio.

Netflix support for Spatial Audio is currently limited to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Introduced in June 2020, Spatial Audio is Apple's take on 3D audio for headphones. Built on Dolby Atmos technology, the solution applies directional audio filters and frequency modulation to simulate an immersive surround sound listening experience.

Apple's upcoming iOS 15 includes a feature called "Spatialize Stereo," which simulates Spatial Audio for content not recorded or mastered in Dolby Atmos.