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Strong iPhone 13 sales make camera suppliers prioritize Apple

Demand for the new iPhone 13 range has seen Taiwan-based camera component suppliers give priority to Apple over Samsung, and Chinese phone companies.

Apple has previously benefited from processor manufacturer TSMC prioritizing it during the global chip shortage. Now camera lens component companies are also electing to service Apple's requirements, specifically because of demand for the iPhone 13.

According to Digitimes, Taiwan-based makers of camera components such as voice coil motors, wire winding, and more, are seeing higher and more stable profits from Apple.

Reportedly, Samsung sold fewer smartphones in 2021 Q3 than was expected. At the same time, Chinese manufacturers including Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, are already holding high inventory levels.

Separately, pre-order demand for the iPhone 13 in China exceeded 5 million, and overwhelmed Apple's site. Then as the new models arrived in China stores, stampeding crowds halted the iPhone 13 launch.