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Without any fanfare, Apple's tvOS 16 arrives at WWDC

Apple did not discuss tvOS at WWDC 2022, with the update seemingly limited to support for the major new features in iOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura.

Unlike many of Apple's other operating systems, significant updates to tvOS tend to be few and far between. Instead, most updates it receives tend to be performance-related, intended to fix bugs and improve user experience.

Features that tvOS 16 support include the new HomeKit additions, and Apple Watch connectivity with the Apple TV hardware. Additionally, Apple highlighted its new gaming push with Metal 3, and there is limited support for that as well.

In 2021, tvOS 15added the ability for users with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max to listen to Spacial Audio, a system that uses gyroscopes and other sensors in the devices to simulate 3-D listening.

It also expanded on the HomeKit Security features added in tvOS 14, tvOS giving users the option to view HomeKit-compatible security cameras in a grid view. Users can access this view from the Control Center or the fullscreen camera view.

In October 2021, Apple brought SharePlay to the Apple TV. SharePlay allows users to share media, such as video, music, and apps, with family and friends via FaceTime.