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Redesigned Eve Aqua has Thread and improved valve mechanism

The new third-generation Eve Aqua

The redesigned Eve Aqua has improved mechanics and a new look to help HomeKit owners keep their gardens well-watered.

Following the release of the all-new Eve Motion, smart home accessory maker Eve Systems is out with its latest product. It has redesigned the Eve Aqua, with a refreshed design and durability improvements.

"Eve Aqua looks gorgeous and makes smart gardening easy, safe and joyful," says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems. "Thread eliminates the need for a digital bridge, while the brass faucet adapter ensures a rock-solid physical connection. And of course, our beautiful Eve app brings it all together, making scheduling, and monitoring consumption, a breeze."

The new Eve Aqua has an IPX4 resistance rating and runs on a pair of AA batteries. It has a sleek new space grey body with a matte black front. The physical watering button has increased in size to make it easier to control.

It requires no bridge outside of your existing Home Hub and supports up to seven watering sessions per-day.

On the inside, Eve has upgraded it to a brass faucet connector and magnetic valve that provides increased durability, helps prevents leaks, and is near-silent when opening or closing.

Like the second-generation Eve Aqua, the new model is able to connect via Bluetooth as well as Thread. This marks the 14th product Eve has released with support for Thread.

When Matter is released this fall, Eve Aqua (third-generation) will be updated for free to support the new standard and be compatible with other smart home platforms.

Available now

You can pick up the new Eve Aqua from Eve's website for $149.95. It will soon be available on Amazon and Apple as well.