HomePod mini arrives in Finland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden

The caption reads "Colorful sound like never before," in Norwegian.

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Sweden, Norway, Finland, and South Africa are finally getting the HomePod mini in December 2022, two years after the US launch.

Apple launched the HomePod mini in October 2020, with the first ones arriving in buyers' hands the next month. It also discontinued the original HomePod at the same time, which was a shame for all users but perhaps most of all for the many, many countries that did not get the HomePod mini.

It took until June 2021 before the HomePod mini was available in Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand. Then it wasn't until March 2022 before it came out in Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

At that March 2022 launch, however, it was rumored that Scandinavian countries would follow by the end of the year. Now, Apple has announced that it is coming to Finland, Norway, and Sweden, on December 13.

On December 19, it will also launch in South Africa.

In each case, the countries are getting the full range of color HomePod mini models, as introduced in the US in October 2021.