Passenger uses AirTag to track wallet after airline couldn't find it

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An American Airlines customer used an AirTag stashed in his wallet to track it on a journey that took it to more than 30 cities.

We've heard a couple of stories of people using Apple's item tracker to recover lost luggage — but now one AirTag owner has used the device to track his wallet as it traveled to 35 cities.

John Lewis had contacted American Airlines regarding a wallet he lost in late January. When American Airlines responded, it said the crew had thoroughly cleaned the plane and could not find it.

Lewis chronicled his story on Twitter, as spotted by People.

At the time of writing, American Airlines has not returned Lewis' wallet. However, the airline has since reached out to him via Twitter.

In January, An Air Canada passenger discovered their missing luggage was on a different continent after a flight, with an AirTag showing it was over 5,000 miles and an ocean away.

That same month, a woman used an AirTag to hold United Airlines accountable after they misplaced her bag for several days.

In August 2022, a couple watched as their lost luggage toured Portugal without them, but thanks to AirTag, was able to recover it five days later.