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iPhone 15 Pro Max somehow fails to survive having a 90lb dumbbell dropped on it

The moment Kyle Counts' smashed iPhone began to smoke and spark

Second time's the charm: A personal trainer again accidentally dropped a gym weight on his iPhone 15 Pro Max, discovering that physics are remorseless and iPhones aren't invulnerable.

There are people who destroy devices to make idiotic YouTube videos, and there's Apple that might destroy thousands of them in testing. But then there are also people like personal trainer Kyle Counts who wouldn't dream of smashing a costly iPhone — but accidentally do precisely that. Many times.

As reported by Newsflare, Counts was working a triceps exercise in a gym in Scapoose, Oregon when his iPhone fell out of his pocket. He didn't notice it until the end of his exercise when he dropped the 90 pound dumbbell he was using, onto the floor and right onto the iPhone.

The gym's security footage shows the accident, plus Counts' face looking exactly like anyone's would after this. But then he picked up the iPhone and smoke began coming out of it — and it began sparking.

"I was initially annoyed but the screen was still on and working until it lit up like a roman candle in my hand," said Counts.

"Obviously my first instinct was drop the phone but when I saw it wasn't just smoking but started sparking I grabbed it as fast as I could and ran outside through the emergency exit," he continued. "The phone kept sparking so I tried to kick it with my foot into a puddle to submerge it to hopefully put out the fire."

"It just boiled in the water for a bit before finally smouldering out," he said. "I didn't really have time to think about anything apart from getting that smoke out of the gym as fast as possible."

Dropping a weight on an iPhone turns out to be less of a rare event than it should be — if you're Kyle Counts. "I have dropped a dumbbell on my phone twice and broke it in the car door twice," he added.

It's not clear whether his phones were destroyed each time, but of the four incidents, he says this is the worst. "They have never emitted any smoke or gas before," he said.

Perhaps his best option is to leave his iPhones in a locker. But he could also try ruggedized iPhone cases, just as a start.