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Minuet (Mac OS 9.0.1) Falls Behind Schedule

Minuet, otherwise knows as Mac OS 9.0.1, was slated to go Golden Master for Pismo (the next-generation PowerBook G3), Mystic (the Multiprocessor Power Macintosh G4 systems) and P7A (the 17 inch iMac) by the 14th of December, and overall by the 20th.

The release was only expected to reach beta 3 before moving into Golden Master candidates, but the software upgrade reach beta 5 and beta 6 in the past few days. In addition, the upgrade put on a few pounds, swelling from 47 components at 9.9MB to 59 components at 11.3MB.

The twelve new additions to the release since our last report include: Foreign File Access 5.3.1, Iomega Drive Options 1.4.6, Iomega Driver 6.0.6, Keyboard 8.4, Software Update 1.1, Software Update Engine 1.1, Software Update Scheduler, Sound Manager 3.6, Sound Source Strip 1.3
Tools 6.3.1, Upgradable Items 1.1 and Voice Verification 1.0.2

Regardless of when Minuet goes Golden Master, it will not be posted to Apple's Automatic Update Servers until after the release of P7A in late January, sources said. This will allow any last minute changes in the software for P7A to be included in the overall release of Minuet.