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Topic: Safari

Apple sued over mobile Safari as email retention policy questioned

11/24/2008, 03:11 pm

Apple is facing a new lawsuit over the iPhone's Safari web browser just as the company's lax policy on employee email retention is brought into question regarding a separate suit.


Apple releases Safari 3.2 with phishing protection

11/13/2008, 04:11 pm

Apple on Thursday afternoon released Safari 3.2, a recommended update for all Safari users that delivers protection from fraudulent phishing websites and better identification of online businesses.


Microsoft considers adopting WebKit for Internet Explorer

11/06/2008, 09:11 pm

Addressing a developer conference in Sydney Australia, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the idea of using WebKit as the rendering engine within its web browser was "interesting" and added "we may look at that."


WebKit becomes first browser engine to fully pass Acid3 test

09/26/2008, 12:09 am

Maciej Stachowiak of the WebKit team has announced that the browser engine behind Safari is the first to fully pass the Acid3 test, including the test's condition of smooth animation rendering.


Apple proposes improvements to Safari browsing experience

09/25/2008, 08:09 am

A pair of new patent filings from Apple include suggestions for improving the browsing experience offered through its Safari Web browser, such as a adaptive media support and a visual history tree that more accurately shows users where they've been and how they got there.


Apple developers get new builds of Safari 4, Mac OS X 10.5.5

08/23/2008, 12:08 pm

Apple again used a Friday to provide its developer community with new pre-release software for testing during the weekend, including new builds of Mac OS X 10.5.5 client, Mac OS X 10.5.5 server, and Safari 4.0.


Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.4 update, security fixes

06/30/2008, 06:06 pm

Apple on Monday evening released Mac OS X 10.5.4, the latest significant revision to Leopard and a key part of its online strategy. Also, Security Update 2008-004 and Safari 3.1.2 for Tiger address security issues for earlier Mac OS X versions.


First shots of Mac OS X Snow Leopard show desktop web apps

06/21/2008, 08:06 pm

Although announced less than two weeks ago, screen captures of a Mac OS X Snow Leopard test build show the ability to create web apps in Safari 4 and an update to Address Book with hooks into Microsoft Exchange.


Apple seeds iPhone build 5A331, OS X 10.6 build 10A96, Safari 4

06/10/2008, 06:06 pm

Apple in the past 48 hours has provided its developer community with a wealth of new pre-release software, including the first external builds of both Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Safari 4, as well as a fresh build of iPhone Software v2.0.


Mystery Apple boxes; Safari JavaScript boost; thinner 3G iPhone?

06/05/2008, 05:06 pm

Stacks of unmarked boxes are appearing at a Quanta distribution center just days before WWDC. Meanwhile, the WebKit team plans a major performance boost to JavaScript in Safari; the company has released a security configuration guide; and a report claims the 3G iPhone's dimensions are smaller than case makers have previously thought.


New iPhone 2 build; iTunes video rumors; Safari on Samsung L870

05/28/2008, 07:05 pm

Apple on Wednesday released beta 6 of its iPhone SDK and also issued a new build of iPhone Software 2.0 to select developers. Meanwhile, the company is said to be warming up to variable TV show pricing as it primes a French iTunes video store for launch. And Samsung has chosen Safari as the default browser for its new L870 handset.


Safari for Windows market share triples following SW Update push

05/01/2008, 10:05 am

Apple Inc. saw its share of the Windows browser market triple immediately after it began encouraging users of the Microsoft operating system to download and install its Safari web browser through the widely deployed Apple Software Update mechanism, according to a new report.


PayPal may block Safari users

04/18/2008, 06:04 pm

As part of a multi-tiered approach to guarding against online fraud on its site, PayPal says it will block the use of any web browser that doesn't provided added validation measures, potentially restricting the current version of Safari from the e-commerce site.


Apple tweaks Software Update for Windows following uproar

04/18/2008, 12:04 pm

Apple has made changes to the latest version of its Software Update mechanism for Windows PCs after being lambasted for using the application as a trojan horse to gain an advantage in the battle for share of the web browser market.


Apple releases Safari 3.1.1 to address four security issues

04/16/2008, 05:04 pm

Apple on Wednesday afternoon released version 3.1.1 of its Safari web browser to address a handful of security issues, including one widely publicized vulnerability that allowed a MacBook Air to be compromised during a recent security conference.


Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows users

03/20/2008, 01:03 pm

In an apparent bid to rapidly gain share of the online browser market dominated by rival Microsoft, Apple is leveraging its vast iTunes install base to recommend that Windows users also download and install the latest version of its Safari web browser.


Apple unleashes new version of Safari web browser

03/18/2008, 08:03 am

Apple on Tuesday announced the immediate availability of Safari 3.1, the latest version of what the company calls the "world's fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs."


Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 chasing Apple's Safari

03/05/2008, 04:03 pm

Microsoft on Wednesday previewed the next generation of Internet Explorer, promising greater interoperability with modern Web standards that have thus far eluded the Windows-based browser and plagued developers' attempts to author truly browser and platform independent web sites.


Safari 3.1 sees improved form support in latest beta

03/04/2008, 12:03 pm

Apple this month continues to plug away on a small but significant update to its fledgeling Safari web browser, most recently making improvements to the application's handling of web forms and faulty Javascripts.


O2 quarter boosted by iPhone; PayPal Safari warning; iPhoto 7.1.3

02/28/2008, 06:02 pm

While its Irish division is just receiving the iPhone, O2 UK said on Thursday that the iPhone led its best-ever quarter at the end of 2007. Also, PayPal cautions users to avoid visiting its site with Safari, and Apple has issued an iPhoto fix.